Manufactured connectors in agreement of the NATO VG95234 standard, under the MIL-DTL-5015 rule for its physical size, design and environmental requirements.


From 7.5 to 300 amps.

IP67 coupled with the right accessories.

SCP Sintersa is a ITT VEAM authorized distributor with extra value due to the fact that it is authorized for the assembly of CIR series, with a delivery time of two weeks.

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  • Crimp contacts from 26 AWG to special versions (240 mm) with gold or silver coating.
  • Meets ROHS regulations.


  • High density rigid inserts.
  • Scoop-proof.
  • (Connection without short circuits).
  • Quick connection (360º turn).
  • Anti-uncoupling anti-vibration system.
  • Bayonet coupling.


  • Railway transport.
  • Industrial market.
  • Broadcast.


  • Silver (T9).
  • Gold (standard - T12, heavy - T112).
  • Rhodium plated.


  • Plugs.
  • Flanges.
  • Neck / Adapters.
  • Heat shrink boots.
  • Together Mounting brackets.
  • Twinax and Quadrax contacts.


  • Various arrangements of inserts with sizes 4, 8 or 12 accepting pneumatic contacts, being able to pass liquid or air at pressures up to 110 PSI.
  • Signal, power, twinax, triax, coax, quadrax, optical.
  • Thermocouple material included; cromel, alumel, copper, constantan and iron.

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