Industrial Products

  • Power up to 1500 A.
  • Data transmission, field buses and fiber optics.
  • Electrical rotating connectors.
  • Microswitches and snap action switches.
  • Signaling systems.
  • Special cables.
  • Shrinkable tubes and components.
  • Backshells and connectors with ATEX certification.
  • Customised kits.
  • Sensors and probes.
  • Boxes.
  • Earth bonding leads.
  • Protective sleeves, expandable mesh.

Telecom Products

  • Connectors: Coaxial, jack, RCA, RJ45, MILC5015, 26428D38999 SUB-D, filters, adapters, DVI, HDMI, HDTV Panel Pacth SDI, HDTV, fiber optics, CCTV Balum, over-voltage protector, Triax ...
  • Cables: Audio, Speaker, Video, Camera, Triax, data, manufacturing special cables.
  • Tools: Tool crimp, wire strippers, professional RJ45 RT1L screwdriver.
  • Accessories: cable marking systems, flanges, covers, protective cable.


Industrial Services

Telecom Services

  • Marking Shrink sleeves and labels.
  • Coaxial connector assembly manufacturing unit propia (peeled accuracy).
  • Provision of specific professional connectors and cables for telecommunications.
  • All material approved by the major carriers.
  • Preparation of mounting kits.

Immediate Delivery Service

  • Coaxial connectors DIN 1.6 / 5.6 1.0 / 2.3, BNC, TNC, N.
  • Sub-Ds connectors, housings, DIN41612 Cables Flex2-3-5, ST212-214, BT3002, RGs, multiconductor, ribbon cable.
  • Shrink and labels.
  • Tools and wiring accessories.


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