We keep tight relationships with our customers investing in engineering and development activities to promote innovation and competitiveness with each other.

Due to the increasing of the complexity and the necessity of reliability of equipments and systems used by leading-edge sectors, we continue improving our knowledge to cover this problematic needs.

From the first stage and the develop of technical specifications we ensure that the solutions chosen are compatible with:

  • The operational capacity of components keeping balance along the life-cycle project. Research into the causes of obsolescence, retrofits and modernization.
  • Technical requirements.
  • Standardization and certification.
  • Quality and guarantees.

Design and Development

We provide solutions for high-tec electrical wiring.

Specialized engineering team:

  • Electrical harnesses.
  • Centrals, boxes, wiring closets.
  • Electric test.

Detailed engineering research according to specific needs of each application. As a result we get a unique design thanks to our skilled personnel expertise and the most advanced software tools:

  • CATIA-V5.
  • HarnWare.

Outsource engineering services to support projects.

Our engineers cope with electric development projects, document generation and production:

  • On site.
  • Integrated into the customer's engineering department.

Production Engineering

Our engineering capabilities allow us to industrialize the decks and provide electrical power:

  • Constant engineering support for manufacturing processes.
  • Flexibility and speed in the management of changes during the manufacturing process.
  • Crimpers and pressure stitching selection for every connector and cable.
  • Design improvements.
  • Issue Tracking and solving discrepancies reports.
  • Feasibility study of projects.
  • Planning and cost studies.


Development of individualized technical documentation for each client on the technical, assembly and maintenance specifications of each piece, adapted to their procedures.

Complete development of documentation for the industrialization of electrical harnesses:

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