Aeronautical assembly and airplane integration, that include mechanics, electric processing and flight support systems. 

The assembly and installations have a team of more than 70 professionals with more than 10 years of experience thus guaranteeing quality in all working environments such as high platforms, confined spaces, and explosive environments. 

Main aeronautical activities

  • Mounting of cables, supports and structural joints.
  • Specialised team in electric installation and competion inside the aircraft.

Main projects

  • A 400 M.
  • A 330 MRTT.
  • C 101.
  • AB 212.
  • EC 135.
  • Airbus Tiger helicopter.


  • Cleaning of surfaces.
  • Positioning (laser, 3D lenses…).
  • Surface protection. 
  • Carrying out “cut out”.
  • Reamer, refine, file...
  • Tests; bonding, grounding.
  • Installation of reinforcements.
  • Installation of supports and brackets.
  • Plate installation.
  • Installation of equipment.


  • Equipment disassembly.
  • Cabling routing; power, navigation, RF, fiber optics…
  • Manufacturing of connectors.
  • Equipment installation.
  • Tests; continuity, insulation, grounding, bonding...
  • Electrical repair tasks.
  • Electrical cabinets.
  • Soft soldering of aeronautical electrical connections. 


  • Fault analysis "Trouble-shooting". 
  • Mechanical and electrical repairs. 
  • Functional testing. 

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