Laser marking

Laser marking is a special production process subject to certification. Mandatory for maintenance, repairs and overall of helicopters and aircraft.

There are many fundamental advantages with laser marking such as non-abrasion or significant destruction of the material during the process, keeping intact the mechanical and electrical properties of the cable.

SCP Sintersa disposes of 4 laser marking machines (Laselec & Spectrum technologies). Located both in Seville and Madrid.


It's a shielding system that protects from low intensity signals, vulnerable top electromagnetic interferences such as motors, relays, and radio electric, telephone or radio.

It satisfies all aeronautical and military requirements under EMI-RFI protection, meaning that usage of screen joints on the branches is not necessary, thereby increasing the life span of the cable. This allows textile protection from Nomex.

SCP Sintersa counts with overbraiding meshing machines (Spiraltec 24-32-48 coils).


SCP Sintersa disposes of a wide range carefully elaborated throughout the decades, specializing in cable manufacturing:

  • Cutting and peeling.
  • Military and aeronautical stapling.
  • Crimped power contacts.
  • Fiber optics.
  • Label and banner identification.
  • Mechanic mounting tools.

Our group id a DMC distributor (category1 calibration and crimper M22520 reparation)

Also a TE tool machine distributor.

Electric testing

SCP Sintersa has the capacity and experience to program and execute electric cable testing.

  • Tool and counterpart design for the realization of electric testing.
  • Study and engineering tests for continuity and isolation.
  • On the bench and on installation testing ( aeroplanes, train or coach).
  • Generation of testing programs. 

We dispose of testing machines to ensure maximum quality in all our range of products, such as:

  • WEETECH automatic electric testers.
  • BP-3100S continuity testing team.
  • Cablescan inc.256 dielectric stiffness meter.
  • Promax audio generator.
  • Promax oscilloscope.
  • Megohmmeter MMG500 milliohmmeter HIBOK 201/ MEGGER DLRO.
  • Digital multimeters Fluke 183.
  • DMC crimp strength retention measuring machine.
  • Precision BP-3100S AND S-311 cutting machines.
  • Calibration and verification for DMC tools.
  • Micrometer.
  • Contrast Measurer for laser marking.

Lean Manufacturing

SCP Sintersa relies on its technical managing system and a multidisciplinary organized model, giving it a mayor advantage in terms of competition.

The group applies Lean Manufacturing method through:

  • Improving production and planning control processes
  • Reducing operation costs
  • Continuously improving our systems

Furthermore, the know how our professionals gives us an added value on top of our produced and distributed products such as:

  • Production time is reduced
  • Higher flexibility and productivity
  • Maximum visual management

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