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Sistemas de Interconexión, S.A. (SINTERSA)


A company specialized in manufacturing a high-performance harnesses.

SINTERSA has been involved in the design and manufacture of harnesses in many projects of different industrial areas.

Affordability and financing of raw materials

  • Global supplying chain procedures.

Engineering Capacity

Production Capacity

  • Highly specialized team of professionals. More than 120,000 hours per year.

Means of Production

  • Laser marking machine.
  • Overbrading machines.
  • Measuring and cutting machine.
  • Useful manual and neumatic stapler.
  • Automatic stripper.
  • Coax stripper precision.
  • Band-it applicators.

The tools are subject to Metrological Confirmation System that ensures its correct calibration at all times.

Quality Management Capability

  • High quality products in the shortest time adjusted to our customer requirements.

Testing machines

  • 7168 points cabling tester.
  • Digital multimeters.
  • Dielectric meter.
  • Megohmmeter.
  • Miliohmeter.
  • Crimp tensile strength meter.
  • Account balance, precision parts.
  • Instrumentation to calibrate and repair Crimp tools.

The cable production unit maintain in its manufacturing processes a checkpoint product program for which it plans and determines his principal activities of inspection of the product with methods of test, principally, of the MIL-STD-1344 norm.

Value added SINTERSA products

  • Adequate control of production and quality assurance to satisfied the levels that our main customers require and the application of the products.

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