• Airbus Defense & Space, certified with quality delegate.
  • Certified Personal electric stapler.
  • Soldering Certification in aerospace work.
  • Technology laser marking of electrical wires.
  • Netting as specified in aeronautics.
  • Aeronautical stations and clubs.
  • Crimpers connector tool and standardized and controlled.


Guaranteed production processes in manufacturing and testing of continuity and insulation decks:

  • Qualified for Special Process: stapling, white welding.
  • Internal metrological confirmation system.
  • Ability to repair and calibrate stapling DMC (Daniels Manufacturing Coorp.).
  • Certified Company to develop manufacturing routes.
  • Familiar with software tools as SIDIE, SPRINT, SAP, HELICE.

Quality guaranteed

  • Certified by Airbus Defense & Space, to electrici manufacturing.
  • Aeronautical Requirements implemented at all organizational levels, consolidated and audited monthly.
  • First article inspection process.

Installation experience of decks and aeronautical stations:

  • Full programme P3A Brazil (7 aircraft series).
  • Full programme EUROFIGHTER (45 aircraft / year).
  • A-319 Relay Box.
  • C-295 and CN-235: Deck of avionics, electrical harnesses, wiring and antennas.