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SINTERSA (Sistemas de Interconexión S.A.)

At Sintersa we are specialists in designing and manufacturing wire-harnesses for professional applications in harsh environments, as well as onboard assembly for aerospace, military, naval, railways, and industrial markets. 

We´ve participated in interconnection projects with prestigious clients, such as 

Boeing, CMI Defense, Airbus D&S, Navantia y General Dynamics Santa Barbara Sistemas, and more. 

Manufacture & Integration

  • Our highly skilled team, with more than 30 years of experience, guarantees the efficiency of each process and the quality of each of our products. 
  • Our services are audited by professionals that certify that policies, manufacturing processes, and quality controls met the standards of Sintersa and the rest of the market, allowing us to apply corrective actions and improve continuously along the way. 
  • Assembly and manufacturing capacity: >250.000 horas/año.
  • We are certified by Airbus Defense & Space, for eléctrical manufacturing at the aerospace market. 
  • We are BOEING certified supplier. 
  • We design and manufacture wire-harnesses for aerospace, military, industrial, and railways markets. 
  • We manufacture racks and boxes for aerospace, military, industrial, and railways markets. 

Technical Capacity

  • Certified technologies: laser marking, overbraiding, and electrical test. 
  • Machines & Tools: cut and strip, crimping, fiber optical assembly, signal-power, and special contact processing, certified tool repaid and calibration center (DMC approved suppliers), and a wide range of cable identification technologies. 
  • Electrical Test Services: electrical testers, continuity test equipment, dielectric strength gauge, and more. 

On-Board Assembly

  • Aeronautical, military, and navy assembly. 
  • Assembly and manufacture capacity: >120.000 hours per year. 
  • Team of specialized field operators. 

Sintersa´s Added Value

  • We control our production and guarantee quality assurance to satisfied the levels that our main customers require and the application of the products. 
  • We offer a complete service for each product and client.