Other Services of Production:

Laser Marking

Laser Marking

Marking of electrical wire according to the aviation industry requirements.



  • Only permanent marking.
  • Reduce production costs.
  • Reduce labor cost and increase productivity.
  • Increases product quality.


  • UV light rearranges the crystal structure of TiO2 particles contained in the cable.
  • The cable surface in contact with the laser changes color, becoming dark color.
  • Abrasion does not occur, either significant destruction or material alteration of the mechanical or electrical cable properties.

Cable Identification

Cable Identification

Types of identification

  • Heat-shrinkable sleeve.
  • Banners flange.
  • Unbreakable stickers.
  • Self-laminating labels.


  • Wide range of temperatures.
  • Electrical, chemical and physical properties improvements.
  • Indelible mark.
  • Shrink, vinyl, polyester.
  • Commercial printer ink, laser, thermal transfer.


  • Electric wires identifiers.
  • Wire Marking.
  • Instrumentation panels (back-pannels).
  • Display and cabinets.

Repair and Calibration

Repair and Calibration

Since April 1994 S.C.P. (Professional Supplies Connectors, SA) is the sole distributor for Spain and Portugal of DMC - Daniels Manufacturing Corporation, the leading manufacturer of professional crimping tools.

Preventive and corrective maintenance

  • Cleaning and adjustments.
  • Repair and calibration.
  • Certificate and status tracking. (EN 45014 Requirements).


  • Longer life of crimp pliers.
  • Preventive maintenance on standard stapling.
  • Crimp quality, safety connections.

Calibration review recommended after 150,000 cycles stapling or a year since the last review / calibration (MIL-STD.22520G).

Reform and Modernization

reforma and modernization

Preventive maintenance

Corrective maintenance

  • Wiring repairs.
  • Manufacturing defects reform.


  • Wiring repairs.
  • Electrical systems reforms.
  • Electric overhold.
  • New equipment incorporation.
  • Adapting to new technologies.




Application process

Any system that use low-intensity signals are vulnerable to electromagnetic interference (motors, relays ...) radio (telephone, TV, radio ...)

The shield can protect low-intensity signals from interference.

Protection levels required. Control parameters:

  • Meshing density (step, angle of attack, number of threads per coil).
  • Cable diameter.
  • Meshing Requirements: compromise between weight and EMI-RFI protection.
  • Type of material for the braid: tinned copper or nickel of 120 microns thick.
  • Textile Nomex Protection.


  • The shielding degree is measured with a Ro meter (measured in Ohms).
  • The application will determine the degree of protection.
  • Shielding measures are complementary to the electrical testing of wiring.

Electrical Test

Electrical Test

SINTERSA offers the experience and ability to schedule and run tests on electrical wiring.

  • Design of tools for conducting electrical tests.
  • Research and engineering of continuity and isolation tests.
  • Bench or installation testing (plane, train, car ...).
  • Creation of test programs.

Electrical testing experience:

Research and performance of continuity and isolation testing of the complete wiring, assembled in the first three P3 OrionA aircraft to Brazil.

To perform these tests SINTERSA has:

  • Design of the test harness needed.
  • Defined systematic testings.
  • Defined and performed the computer programming cable test carried out on aircraft tests.
  • Fixed in real time connection breakdowns and failures.